Named Tallit (Stripes)

  • This tallit measures 24'" wide x 72"long.
  • The design is defined by stylized stripes.
  • The atara (neckpiece) is a name, highlighted with a silver inlay.
  • Both the name and the inlay are woven into the fabric of the tallit.

Tallitot can be woven in a combination of blended and defined stripes. Any design can be created. Some designs are based on a bar code arrangement, to display a special date or numerical aspect of the torah. I have even incorporated something as unique as voice graphing in the atara. Let your imagination guide you to create a truly personal, meaningful and individual tallit.

For pricing information or to order a custom-designed tallit, please contact:
Maxine Yablonsky
Woven Works
24 Calle de Maya
Placitas, NM 87043
Phone: (505) 771-7092