Deuteronomy Torah Cover

  • This torah cover was woven of silk and measures approximately 13" wide, 8" deep and 29" tall.

  • The design was inspired by the book of Deuteronomy.

  • The saying Ubacharta bechyim (and you shall choose life) represents two mountains, one large, green and lush with a natural spring and waterfall, near the mountain of life. The other mountain, representing death, is dark and bare.

  • This torah cover was designed by David Ascalon of Ascalon Art Studios, Inc. The cover was woven and interpretted by Maxine Yablonsky.
For pricing information or to commission a custom-designed torah cover, please contact:
Maxine Yablonsky
Woven Works
24 Calle de Maya
Placitas, NM 87043
Phone: (505) 771-7092